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KOTI was built with the contributions of artists, designers and craftsmen from all over the country to give you a glimpse of Finnish creativity

Linda Bergroth

The creative engine behind KOTI, Linda Bergroth is our multi-talented lead designer.

Originally hailing from Finland, Linda lives and works between Helsinki and Paris. She brings her signature style – a Nordic love of pragmatism and natural materials, coupled with her unique zest for bold colour – to the conceptualisation and curation of KOTI. Inspired by the simple pleasures of holiday stays in a Finnish countryside cottage, Linda hopes to share the delights of an aitta with guests to the Finnish Institute in Paris.

With her charming cottage designs and a hand-picked selection of collaborators, Linda invites guests from all over the world to experience the warmth, tranquility and communal hospitality of a shared Finnish sleepover.


Tori Quarters is the historical centre of Helsinki where the heart of the old town meets the new buzz of the city. The prestigious empire and art nouveau palaces located right next to the sea, between the Market Square and Senate Square, hold within restaurants, cafés, boutiques, cinema, museum and more.

KOTI Helsinki opens the freshly renovated architectural gem of Sofiankatu 4 to the public for the first time.



Lokal is a concept store and home to independent Finnish art, design and craft. Besides the unique art pieces in the gallery space, there is a wide array of selected products from some of the leading names in ceramics, furniture, art prints and kitchen ware.

Lokal hosts a pop-up store with a special KOTI collection in the premises of Sofiankatu 4 during the project. In the collection there are Nathalie L for Lokal signature ceramics, linen by Lapuan Kankurit and many other products used at KOTI.


Studio Kaksikko

Helsinki-based homeware designers Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters share a love of hand-crafted production processes and understated forms.

Salla’s sensitivity comes from her previous profession as a pastry chef, while Wesley’s aesthetic minimalism was shaped by his many years living in Japan.

Traditionally, Finnish aittas are sparsely furnished with only basic necessities. For KOTI, Studio Kaksikko has designed two essential pieces for each guest: a hand mirror and a coffee pot.

Mattila & Merz for Nikari

Originally founded in the 1960s by respected carpenter Kari Virtanen to produce high-quality wooden furniture, today Nikari is evolving in a new, internationally-focused direction under the leadership of CEO Johanna Vuorio.

Architects Laura Mattila and Mikko Merz, with a backround in carpentery and restauration of wooden buildings, have a talent for sensitive use of wood – evident in everything from the wooden furniture they bring to KOTI to compellingly crafted interiors, such as café Kahvila Siili and Restaurants Palema and Werner in Helsinki.

Linda Linko

Linda Linko is the creative talent behind KOTI’s beautiful illustrations. Linda takes a back-to-basics approach to design, preferring to work mainly with traditional techniques such as painting, drawing and cutting instead of digital software.

Rather than chase after perfection, Linda prefers to leave her designs imperfectly incomplete in the hope that space remains to capture the viewer’s imagination.


KOTI Kino is a carefully curated audiovisual content designed to entertain our guest during their staying.

You can access KOTI Kino with your own connected device via our wifi connection and explore Finnish culture: documentaries, short movies, animations, as well as Visit Finland travel guides and videos.

KOTI Kino content is provided by Visit Finland, AV-Arkki, the Finnish Film Foundation and YLE.

Mobile Home 2017

Mobile Home 2017 is a joint project of the Finnish Institutes of Paris, Benelux countries, Berlin and London. It explores and interprets the different meanings of home through architecture, art, design and society.

All Mobile Home projects are showcased in Finland during August and September 2017.

Mobile Home 2017 is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017 and is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Arts and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Mobile Home 2017 collaborates with Habitare and Showroom.

Construction partners

KOTI installation was produced by Mattila & Merz with boat builder Jussi Nordberg in Fiskars Finland. It was transported to Paris in elements and put together on site by Mikko Merz and Perttu Rista.

KOTI construction timber is provided by Mäntsälän Saha.

Institut finlandais

The Finnish Institute in France is a versatile cultural player, exhibiting and promoting Finnish culture, arts and the creative industries in France. The institute produces its own cultural programme and participates in a large number of outside events run by local cultural professionals.

The institute, located in the Latin Quarter in the heart of Paris, is an accessible showcase for Finnish know-how with its Galerie-Boutique retail space and the cultural meeting place Café Coutume Instituutti.

At the moment the premises of the institute in Paris are going through a complete renovation. The renovated spaces will be opened to public in April 2018.


Lapuan Kankurit

For the last 100 years, Lapuan Kankurit have played a key part in keeping alive traditional weaving in the north west of Finland. Today, Esko Hjelt and his wife Jaana are the fourth generation of weavers helping to maintain this Finnish handicraft in Ostrobotnia.

While the company has largely concentrated on the production of bath towels and kitchen textiles, they have recently produced a special edition bed linen especially for KOTI. Our guests will feel right at home, cozying up in their cabin beds with limited-edition blankets by Lapuan Kankurit.

Nathalie L.

Working in ceramic, Nathalie L. draws on her dual French and Finnish nationality to highlight the beauty of everyday life. Each of her pieces is handmade in simple forms to showcase delicately coloured glazes.

KOTI guests will no doubt find that breakfast tastes more delicious when eaten from tableware created by Nathalie.



While light is essential to all living things, it has a special significance in the Northern hemisphere where the seasons twist and turn between periods of extreme darkness and light.

After Jukka Jokiniemi was diagnosed with an incurable eye condition which would ultimately leave him blind, he founded Innolux with a mission to bring good light to all.

Thanks to an Innolux bright-light lamp, developed to compensate for the lack of natural light in Nordic winters, each KOTI guest will awake in their aitta as if by the light of the morning sun.


Unikulma is a Finnish bed manufacturer that makes individually customized high quality beds on the grounds of the latest technological solutions. All Unikulma products are manufactured in Vantaa in southern Finland.

Unikulma’s mattresses help KOTI guests to find a healthy sleeping position and a restful sleep.


Paulig Kulma

Coffee has always been so exciting! This stirs the people at Paulig Kulma to stay curious and hungry for new slurps, sips and aahs. The coffee for KOTI guests is roasted and prepared on the spot at Kulma, with passion.


Helsinki Design Week

Founded in 2005, Helsinki Design Week is the largest design festival in the Nordic countries. Held annually in September, the multidisciplinary festival presents design from a number of fields as well as fashion, architecture and urban culture.

This year KOTI Helsinki is part of the festival programme that contains around 250 events every year. Helsinki Design Week will be held 7.–17.9.2017.


We would also like to thank

Verso Design, Polar Spring, Nokian Panimo

Visual identity, website design and development.